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Blue Book 2017

It’s that time of year again.

It’s blue book season, and this year’s survey is set to be the biggest, most diverse and (definitely) best yet. Moving into its lucky 13th year the blue book employment survey is the worlds largest and longest running face to face survey. Seeking out thoughts, facts and figures from both employers and employees, the blue book is in the privileged position of being able to offer genuine, anecdotally driven insights into the key drivers from within the recruitment industry.

To recap, the 2016 survey uncovered concerns from employers relating to the sourcing of the highest calibre of candidates to fill their jobs. Our data pointed towards the conclusion that in the current fast paced market, where the best candidates are hard to find, employers needed to realise that this issue could be holding back their strategic forward planning. There were, of course, a series of suggestions taken from candidate feedback on how we can tackle this issue.

Fast forward to this year and the soon to start survey season.

Its now time to give a little away regarding the questions and outcomes that we will be looking to unlock from our candidates and clients. Early discussions pointed us in the direction of ‘productivity’ and the ‘changing faces of employment type’ within the workforce. To aid in the pursuit of our end goals we will be asking questions about flexible and informal working, employee/employer relations, as well as striving to ascertain as to whether or not job titles are actually relevant anymore.

2016’s hottest topic of debate has undoubtedly been June’s Brexit Referendum and we will be using this year’s blue book research to investigate points of view from not only UK businesses and employees, but also those from across continental Europe and further afield. Having participant companies in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Geneva we are in the fortunate and unique position of being able to offer employment insights from both sides of the channel.

We look forward to visiting you all shortly and hearing your experiences and points of view, before unveiling our findings on productivity, the changing patterns of work and the consequences of Brexit in the New Year.

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