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Who the heck is Dorothy?

Who the heck is Dorothy?

So, there are 40 of us women in a room being asked to inspect our Inner Goddess. We all know that looking in a x 50 mirror is a risky, even with the skin of a peach. Beneath the skin is even more grisly.

We checked how personalities affect our relationships with colleagues whose approaches to challenges differ to ours. No stone to hide behind, we were timed out to choose which words best described ourselves and labelled according to our individual styles of behaviour, then camped with our Tribe in a corner.

Each was either a Driver, Expressive, Analyser or Facilitator and each approached a problem in the ‘right way’, but very differently to the other three groups. Friendly insults were tossed at each other, like which planet are you from?

Man, and womankind’s greatest challenge is to live with each other, equalled by the challenge of living without them. Difference is the secret and strength of the team. Two eyes give binocular vision to admire the view – and spot the assassin from the side. The low number of women in Boardrooms narrows the available pot of wisdom.

Might this event might be the tipping point for some of those present to reach the Boardroom? I hope so.

How to Make Friends and Influence People is the bible of the salesperson. It might never have survived if, after his death in 1955, Dale’s wife, Dorothy Carnegie, had not marketed and circulated the book into 67 countries and 30 different languages, making it still the most sold Business App in the world. Not many people know that. Another buried woman. What Leadership qualities do we need? Stick ‘Persistence’ on the list.

Our grateful thanks go to our facilitator, Mark Sharratt and to our chic hosts Meet in Place for a great evening of learning and fun.